The Net (2003) Stream Online Free

More of a film essay - of the type pioneered by Orson Welles and Chris Marker - than a standard documentary, German filmmaker Lutz Dammbeck's The Net: The Unabomber, the LSD and the Internet begins with the typical format and structure of a nonfiction film, and a single subject (the life and times of mail bomber Ted Kaczynski). From that thematic springboard, Dammbeck branches out omnidirectionally, segueing into a series of thematic riffs and variants on such marginally-related subjects as: the history of cyberspace, terrorism, utopian ideals, LSD, the Central Intelligence Agency, and Cuckoo's Nest author Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters.

Genre: Documentary

Actor: Lutz Dammbeck, Eva Mattes, Tom Vogt, Stewart Brand, John Brockman, Butch Gehring, David Gelernter, Theodore John Kaczynski, Robert W. Taylor, Heinz von Foerster, Chris Waits

Director: Lutz Dammbeck

Country: Germany

Rated: 7/10 with 4 votes.

Duration: 121 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Oct 01, 2003

Production: ARTE, Lutz Dammbeck Filmproduktion, Südwestrundfunk

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