The Looking Glass Murders (1970) Stream Online Free

Made for Scottish TV and airing in 1970, "The Looking Glass Murders" is a filmed version of the mime improv play "Pierrot in Turquoise", which Lindsay Kemp and David Bowie first staged in 1967. Pierrot is a freaky mime who ventures into a mirror where he falls in love and rolls around with the equally grotesque Columbine. But when Columbine spurs him for Harlequin, Pierrot's jealousy takes over and drives him to murder. Cloud, perched on a ladder, watches over the proceedings and narrates in song.


Actor: David Bowie, Lindsay Kemp, Annie Stainer, Jack Birkett, Michael Garrett

Director: David Bowie


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Duration: 27 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Jul 08, 1970


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