The Contract (1978) Stream Online Free

Struggling actor Chih-Wen (Michael Hui) got a raw deal from his company, MTV Studios. He signed a binding 8-year contract with the studio and was only given one opportunity to perform live thus far. Soon, he received a better deal with a rival company, who promised a 5-year contract and better opportunities to perform and make money. Since he cannot start working for the new company because of his current 8-year contract with MTV, he and his scientist-aspiring brother (Ricky Hui), with the help of magician Shih-Chieh (Sam Hui), attempt to steal the contract from his ruthless manager.

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Michael Hui, Samuel Hui, Ricky Hui, Tiffany Bao Chui-Ling, Ellen Lau Guen-Guen, Yeung Wai, Cheng Fu-Hung, Russell Cawthorne, Chan Ging-Cheung, Cheng Siu-Ping, Gwong Gwan-Lang

Director: Raymond Chow

Country: Hong Kong

Rated: 9.7/10 with 3 votes.

Duration: 96 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Aug 02, 1978

Production: Golden Harvest Productions

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