The 7th Match 1979 (1982) Stream Online Free

This moving film tells the story of Sarah, a little girl who is orphaned by the war. She hides out in the forest and tries to end the war by sabotaging a railway bridge that is used by munitions trains. Slowly and painfully, throughout a freezing winter, she prises bricks from the supporting columns. In a sudden Spring thaw an ice floe crashes into the weakened column of the bridge and it plunges into the river. Sadly, she realizes that the end of the bridge does not mean the end of the war and she rejoins the creatures of the wild, disappearing into the forest forever.

Genre: Animation, War

Actor: Mia Farrow, Joan Bruce, John Faasen, Ron Haddrick, Shane Porteous

Director: Yoram Gross


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Duration: 70 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Aug 01, 1982


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