Stuff That's Gone (1994) Stream Online Free

There’s just not enough room in Pittsburgh to keep everything, and we’ve gotten rid of some things that people miss a lot. But it’s definitely fun to be reminded about stuff that’s gone. Remember Winky’s hamburger joints? All the drive-in theaters that used to be around here? The Gazebo restaurant in Shadyside? Did you ever sit up late listening to Party Line on KDKA radio? Or stop to gawk at the KQV window? Remember when you could wave goodbye at the old Greater Pittsburgh Airport? Or cheer for the Pittsburgh Maulers? Did you know there once were some 17 or 18 inclines in this area? And two great old amusement parks near McKeesport? We celebrate all that and more in this program called STUFF THAT'S GONE. It's a follow-up to WQED's phenomenally successful THINGS THAT AREN'T THERE ANYMORE. It's a blast! (Or was that the Coraopolis Bridge?)



Director: Rick Sebak


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Duration: 70 min.

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Release: Jun 13, 1994


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