Maxima's Miracle (2003) Stream Online Free

February 2002. An Argentinian mother and her daughter visit Amsterdam during the wedding of prince Willem-Alexander and princess Máxima. She is looking for a miracle, the reappearing of her husband Alejandro, who got lost during the regime. She experiences difficulty as the police don't believe her story. On top of it all her daughter disappears in the crowd. Police officer Felix Bos also has a problem. His girlfriend Min has just heard some bad news. She's going to be evicted from the country. The situation brings Felix into trouble with the police. This is also the day he finds out his mother couldn't have been his mother.


Actor: Sílvia Munt, Libertad Pozo, Frank Lammers, Fred Goessens, Mattijn Hartemink, Helen Juurlink, Monic Hendrickx, Mike Libanon, Halina Reijn, Jack Wouterse, Maaike Snoep

Director: Paul Ruven


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Duration: 90 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Apr 09, 2003


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