Joan of Arc (1935) Stream Online Free

France in the 15th Century: The country is marked by the wars with England and internal power struggles. King Charles sees himself powerless against the state. As emerges from the people suddenly a young woman named Johanna, who claimed that the Archangel Gabriel to be appointed, to save France. First of all doubt the king in their words, but he remembers that the people through this "help of God" is gaining new courage. With the slogan "God and the Virgin!" pulls the revivified victorious army into battle against the English-Burgundian alliance. After Johanna King Charles is crowned at Reims, there breaks the plague over the country in. Now Johanna all the blame on the disaster: God would punish believe in the country for that a heretic; if Johanna were actual a holy, she would deal also with the plague. The waning faith weakens France, England is again on the rise. But Johanna is executed as a witch. Only years later annulled the verdict of the Holy and Johanna explained.

Genre: History, Drama

Actor: Angela Salloker, Gustaf Gründgens, Heinrich George, René Deltgen, Erich Ponto, Willy Birgel, Aribert Wäscher, Veit Harlan, Paul Bildt, Bernhard Minetti, Maria Koppenhöfer

Director: Gustav Ucicky

Country: Germany

Rated: 5/10 with 1 votes.

Duration: 87 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Apr 26, 1935

Production: Universum Film (UFA)

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