Death Cab (2020) Stream Online Free

The murder taxi is after you! When everyone is asleep, the teenagers begin their bizarre investigation on the case! A series of mysterious taxi murders continue to happen and rumor has it that the victims are all the same high school graduates. Yeon-jeong, Jin-ki and Lee-seon make a great plan to investigate this case and upload the process on YouTube to become a ten million YouTuber… One day, a mysterious taxi appears in front of Yeon-jeong and her friends! A series of horrible moments are about to unfold before them! There’s another truth to “Nightscape”, a Montreal International Film Festival nominee. What is this murder taxi that these teenagers managed to get on film!

Genre: Thriller, Crime

Actor: Kim Do-geon, Kim Jae-in-I, Kim Jun, Ahn Sang-eun, Kim Joon-seob, Yoon Joo, Park Eun-woo

Director: Oh In-chun

Country: South Korea

Rated: 0/10 with 0 votes.

Duration: 71 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Jan 30, 2020

Production: BULITTFILM

Views: 0.604