Broadway Scandals (1929) Stream Online Free

Ted Howard, a vaudevillian left, stranded in a tank town. A local girl, Mary (Sally O'Neil), proposes to finance a new act with her savings and the team succeeds in a minor way until Ted is discovered by Broadway femme fatale Valeska (Carmel Myers). Not wishing to stand in her partner's way, Mary nobly resigns from the act and instead accepts a minor role in the show. She proves a sensation on opening night, however, and a jealous Valeska demands her ousted. But Ted, who is in love with Mary, reorganizes their old act and they begin a new life together as man and wife.

Genre: Music, Comedy, Drama

Actor: Sally O'Neil, Jack Egan, Carmel Myers, Tom O'Brien, J. Barney Sherry, John Hyams, Charles C. Wilson, Doris Dawson, Charles Lane, Bill Elliott

Director: George Archainbaud


Rated: 6/10 with 1 votes.

Duration: 73 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Nov 10, 1929


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