Bravo, My Life! (2007) Stream Online Free

This film is an adaptation based on the 1988 Japanese film Kaisha monogatari: Memories of You, written and directed by Jun Ichikawa. This film follows the story of "Chief" Cho Min-hyuk (Baek), a middle-aged corporate manager nearing his retirement after working for 30 years in the same company. Cho and other colleagues in the office secretly have held dreams of being rock musicians but they suppressed those ambitions in order to get stable office jobs and support their families. During the film Cho and others resume their interest in playing musical instruments and form a band together. However Cho struggles to deal with office politics that result from his upcoming retirement as well as the anxiety for his and his family's future post-retirement.

Genre: Drama

Actor: Baek Yoon-sik, Im Ha-ryong, Park Jun-gyu, Lee So-yeon, Kim Ye-ryeong, Jeong In-gi

Director: Park Young-hoon

Country: South Korea

Rated: 0/10 with 0 votes.

Duration: 120 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Sep 06, 2007

Production: Showbox

Views: 0.6