Avicii - Wake Me Up (2013) Stream Online Free

The official video for "Wake Me Up" was released a month after the lyric video on 29 July 2013. It features two females: the older girl is Russian fashion model Kristina Romanova, and the younger girl is Laneya Grace. It depicts them and how they are different from the people in their village. One morning, Kristina gets up early and rides off on a horse to a nearby city. She notices a woman with the Avicii logo birthmark like the one on her lower arm. They meet others and then jump into a truck and are then shown to be attending an Avicii concert. The next morning, Kristina rides back on the horse to Laneya. The video ends with them walking down the highway and shots from the concert and the staring villagers from the beginning.


Actor: Avicii, Laneya Grace, Kristina Romanova, Kerry Wieder, Jessica D. Stone

Director: C.B. Miller

Country: United States of America

Rated: 7/10 with 1 votes.

Duration: 4 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Jun 17, 2013

Production: PRMD Music and Universal Island

Views: 1.167